Yokohama Port Cruise Ship Terminal

Tokyo and Yokohama Cruise Ship Terminal

The Yokohama Port has served as a gateway to the greater Tokyo area. It has welcomed countless cruise ships since its opening in 1859 and was Japan's first modern international trading port. Lying as many as 11 nautical miles closer to the Pacific than the Tokyo Port, it allows cruise ships to save on pilot charges and fuel, and passengers can spend a greater amount of time sightseeing.
The port is conveniently set in the heart of Yokohama and shopping and tourist destinations are a short walk away. Since the Yokohama Port is
situated at the center of Tokyo Bay, public transportations offer easy access to Tokyo and farther on to Mt. Fuji and Kamakura, which are
ideal day trip destinations.

The state-of-the-art international passenger terminal was reopened in 2002 and can accommodate four 30,000-ton-class or two 70,000-ton-class
cruise ships at once.

At the port, there is no public transportation available. Please use our smooth car service to transfer you from the Yokohama Port to your hotel in style.

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