Winter is here, safety comes first

Early Booking Is Essential

With winter approaching that means the snow is coming as well. 24
Limousine's fleet of prestige vehicles are all fitted out with top of
the range studless tires. Studless snow tires work well on slush &
snow. They get traction through wide, deep grooves & lots of irregular
surfaces with sharp edges. This allows the rubber to cut through snow
& grip the road.
The tires are installed at the start of December & stay on through the
winter months & are changed back at the end of Feburary.

Rest assured that 24 Limousine take every safety precaution with our
vehicles so you, the customer, can have peace of mind that not are you
only traveling in the best limousine's in Tokyo but also the safest.

Contact the sales team at 24 Limousine to book your next exciting adventure

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