Ninja Trick House Shinjuku

Ninja Trick House Shinjuku

Become a ninja for a day at this training house hidden deep in the city
Throwing ninja stars, mastering sword tricks, and learning the ins and outs of undercover espionage are all part and parcel of a visit to Shinjuku's Ninja Trick House.

Located in the busy district of Kabukicho, a short stroll from the popular Samurai Museum and a robot-themed restaurant, the Ninja Trick House is hidden on the fourth floor of a small building down a back alley. It's hard to find, but well worth the it.
Limited to four people means bookings are essential. A great day out for the family & a way of not only learning the ancient art of Ninjitsu but also gaining an insight into a traditional Japanese martial art form.

Contact 24 Limousine & one of our sales staff will arrange for an english speaking chauffeur to pick you up from your hotel and escort you to the Ninja Trick House in comfort & style. Who knows, you may be the next Sho Kosugi !

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