Kitchen Town Kappabashi

Kitchen Town Kappabashi

With its handmade chefs’ knives, ornate chopsticks and bento boxes, the Tokyo street where restaurants buy kitchenware is also a great place for tourists to pick up souvenirs.

The first thing you notice when entering Tokyo’s Kappabashi Street is the towering chef statue. His 11metre high head, with a thick mustache and a crisp white chef’s hat, has come to symbolize this neighborhood, known locally as Kitchen Town.

The name fits as the 800 metre long street is lined with more than 170shops selling everything a professional or home cook could dream of. A short walk from two of Tokyo’s most popular tourist destinations –Sensō-ji Temple in Asakusa and Ueno Park – the district has been supplying the local restaurant trade for nearly a century.

That is still its primary purpose but now it also attracts savvy visiting foodies who come to stock up on artisan pottery, high-qualityJapanese chefs’ knives, handcrafted chopsticks, traditional bento boxes and a mind-boggling array of cooking utensils, for much less than they would pay elsewhere.

It is said that the world's best chef's come from all around the world to select the handmade Japanese knives & utensils, so why not shop
where the the people in the know shop !

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