A trip to Nikko

A trip to Nikko

Do you want to get to know about the City Nikko? So, you can book the special service. 2 hours driving with our Chauffeur from Tokyo to Nikko. Nikko is an important Centre of cultural and historical focal point for Tourists.

There are historic monuments still standing from almost every era of Nikko history. Your chauffeur will certainly show you the remains of all the sightseeing. The Shrines and Temples of Nikko like the Toshogu Shrine, Rinnoji Temple and more, and the peaceful viewless of the beautiful nature like Botanical garden, Shinkyo brige etc. should not to be missed.
Your chauffeur always has everything under control, they know exactly where you can find the relaxation you need. And our chauffeurs are always extremely discreet that´s our top priority.

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